Ways You Can Maintain Your Boiler | Top Maintenance Tips
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Ways You Can Maintain Your Boiler

Published by Steven Weiland

Boilers are key to your hot water supply and household warming, making maintaining them to make sure they are working efficiently and effectively is very important. There are simple steps you can take to do routine work on your boiler so that you are not dealing with late night repairs throughout the frigid Chicago winter or have to worry about budgeting in extra costs in case your boiler breaks down or needs a new part. You are doing yourself a favor because your system will last longer and you will not have to purchase a new one.

If you are having problems with your boiler that you cannot fix by yourself, contact Heatmasters where we provide boiler repair in Chicago. Our comfort consultants are able to help 24/7 and aim to make your home comfortable, even when the temperature outside is not.

Top Maintenance Tips

Air Vents & Water Level

First, it is important to check air vents and flues often because if either are blocked it hinders the boiler’s ability to properly function. This is specifically significant for gas boilers. The vents or flues can be blocked by dirt accumulating, which can be a regular occurrence. If there is a blockage, clear it out to allow the air to pass through freely.

Water level should be checked about every two weeks. If the boiler is operating without water it can be damaged beyond any repair or can cause an accident that can be dangerous to you and your family. When you check the water level, make sure the pilot light is on and if the water is below the minimum line you need to check your plumbing and make adjustments accordingly. It only takes a few quick adjustments, but these are key to the comfort and safety of your home. For help with what needs adjusting, contact a member of Heatmasters’ expert staff that are reachable 24/7 and provides boiler repair in Chicago.

Leaks & Lime-scale

Leaks can be a normal occurrence and can consist of gas or fuel leaking through the valves which is your boiler saying that some adjustments need to be made. This could mean there are damaged or worn out parts that call for repair or replacement and Heatmasters is the place to call to provide you with immediate boiler repair in Chicago.

Lime-scale can detract the heating capacity of your boiler from doing its job properly. You need to descale your boiler if you notice there is too much lime-scale that could possibly be damaging to the system. On a similar note to descaling, it is important to lubricate boiler parts often, such as the fan and pumps, so that they are able to continue their work smoothly and effectively.

Routine Clean & Annual Checkup

Making sure to dust the room that your boiler is in so that it does not create build up get clogged and flushing out the water from your boiler a couple of times each year are both important routine tasks. You especially need to flush out the water once after winter when your system has been working its hardest, and you need to get rid of dirt, lime-scale or other materials that can create blockage that have accumulated in the boiler.

Lastly, getting an annual checkup by a professional HVAC company like Heatmasters is significant because our comfort consultants will be able to provide you with the knowledge you need in terms of repair, replacement, and installation, and we are available 24/7 to help. Boiler repair service in Chicago is right at the tip of your fingers with Heatmasters and our aim is to keep you comfortable in your home, in rain or shine, blistering heat or frigid winters, we are here to help you.

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