What to Know About Winter Gas Furnace Maintenance
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Furnace Maintenance Services: What You Must Know

Published by Steven Weiland

Imagine sitting at home on a brisk wintery day, and you notice cold air blowing out of your vent system. Strange, but you go to investigate the furnace. As you approach it, you notice loud banging and grinding noises, a different colored pilot light, and it’s working harder to keep your house warm. As you figure out what’s wrong, you’re probably wondering when the last time you got the furnace looked at.

Furnaces need annual checkups, like cars and your health. They’re essential appliances for the winter months, keeping you and your family safe and warm. Without annual service, your furnace can break, use more energy, and cause higher energy bills. Read this guide on furnace maintenance service to avoid these issues.

Do Gas Furnaces Need Annual Maintenance?

Yes, gas furnaces need annual maintenance! Here’s the lowdown on why giving your gas furnace an annual pampering is a game-changer.


Your gas furnace should always work whenever you need it. But to make it last, you must take care of it with regular service appointments. Regular maintenance ensures all the parts are in working order, saving you from the horror of a breakdown during freezing temperatures.


Efficiency remains paramount to your heating system. A well-maintained gas furnace uses little energy compared to an outdated unit gulping it down. In other words, you save more on long-term energy costs with annual treatment than ignoring it.

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What to Expect From Annual Furnace Maintenance Appointments

Curious about what goes into furnace tune-ups? Professional HVAC technicians inspect burners, ignition system check-ins, and heat exchangers to ensure every part works accordingly. If they notice any problems, they’ll switch the part with an energy-efficient replacement.

Treating your gas furnace to annual maintenance is essential for staying safe and warm all winter. Don’t procrastinate; schedule that checkup immediately to extend the life of your furnace for years.

Call Heatmasters for Maintenance Service

Never attempt DIY maintenance or risk damaging your unit, leading to costly furnace repairs or replacements. Instead, contact Heatmasters for furnace maintenance service in Chicago. We’re here to keep you warm, no matter what.

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