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While gas and electric furnaces are some of the most common heating systems in homes today, they are not the only ones. Many older homes use boilers for central heat, converting water into steam and distributing it through pipes to steam radiators, baseboard radiators, or radiant floor heaters.

If you have a boiler at home and something goes wrong, contact Heatmasters for premium boiler repair services. We are your go-to heating and air conditioning company, specializing in professional boiler repair services in Chicago. Our mission is to keep families in Chicagoland comfortable, and our in-house technicians are here for you around the clock whenever issues arise.

How Do Boilers Work?

Thermostats trigger the boiler system. The boiler feeds fuel over a constantly burning pilot light, igniting the fuel to heat and circulate hot water and steam throughout your home. This steam raises the air temperature, resulting in radiant heat.

Steam travels through one-pipe or two-pipe radiators. One-pipe radiators supply steam and return condensate through the same pipe. Two-pipe radiators have separate pipes that return the condensate.

Boilers feature built-in safety mechanisms, but any device connected to a fuel line requires careful attention. If any part of this process fails, it is crucial to contact a heating technician promptly.

Reliable Boiler Repairs in Chicago

Our skilled technicians identify potential problems before they become costly emergencies. Then, we determine the best hot water and steam system solutions for moving forward, including:

  • Test pressure-relief valves, low-water cutoff controls, and high-limit safety controls
  • Inspect and drain the pressure tank
  • Clean the heat exchanger
  • Drain some water from the boiler to remove sediments and improve the heat exchange efficiency
  • Drain the float chamber to remove sediments, which will prevent the low-water cutoff control from sediment clogs
  • Analyze boiler water and add chemicals to control deposits and corrosion if necessary

With decades of reliable service, you can trust us to extend the life of your boiler. We only recommend new boiler installations when repairs are too costly or pose a safety risk.

Swift Solutions for Chicago’s Coldest Months

We do everything to ensure quality customer service. Whether it is for Chicago boiler repairs or regular maintenance, we always come prepared to get your system up and running in one visit.

Our team is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any emergency boiler repair.

We await your call, day and night, to keep your heating system running at peak efficiency.

Enroll in our maintenance program for discounts on parts and labor, priority scheduling, and customer loyalty rewards. We created this program to save you more time and money on all repair services, with plans starting at just ten dollars a month!

Heatmasters: A Name You Can Trust

If you have concerns or questions about our boiler repairs, routine maintenance, or general heating and cooling services, call us at 773-777-5700. We are happy to answer your questions and provide prompt service for year-round quality comfort.

Contact us today to schedule service! You can always trust Heatmasters for the best boiler services in the Chicago area. We’ll have your system up and running in no time.

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