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At Heatmasters, we’re more than heating contractors. Our main goal is to help you, our customers, in all aspects of your heating and cooling needs. One way we do this is by helping you lower your carbon footprint. With better energy efficiency, you will see a change to not only your utility bill costs, but to the environment as well. Helping the environment and our impact on the world is a large part of what we do at Heatmasters, while also ensuring our customers save money and energy.


We are a heating company that cares about Chicago and its residents. In keeping with our efforts to aid our customers and the planet, we offer the best solutions possible for your energy saving needs. Whether you have questions about new equipment, heating repair services or how to operate your existing equipment to maximize comfort, while also maintaining your energy costs, we have the answers.

Why Go Green with Heatmasters?

Here are just a few of the many ways in which Heatmasters, Chicagoland’s greenest HVAC company, is working hard to help protect, preserve and improve the environment.

  • We use only chlorine-free R-410A products, to reduce ozone emissions
  • All cleaning products used are 100% natural & environmentally-friendly
  • We’re one of the leading installers of solar attic fans in Chicago
  • Specializing in highly-efficiency air conditioner, furnaces & boilers
  • We can make your existing heating or A/C system more eco-friendly
  • Our drivers use fuel-efficient Flex Fuel service vans

Are you curious about how you can optimize your home’s energy-efficiency? Call Heatmasters today for a free consultation and estimate, or just to learn more about how you can make a difference.

Our team of Comfort Consultants are extensively-trained in eco-friendly heating, cooling and ventilation systems, and are ready to answer all of your questions. We can be reached anytime at 773-777-5700 or 1-800-HEATING.

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