Save Money With A New Thermostat

Newer thermostats are definitely worth the investment and they’re something you should consider before the weather drops to lower temperatures in Chicago. Most manual thermostats have been replaced with smart and programmable systems, allowing you to save money throughout the year. Our heating company in Chicago breaks down the savings you get from installing a new thermostat. 


Lower Utility Bills

Digital thermostats are easy to read and also give you precise control over the temperature inside your home. Digital programming helps set your heating or air conditioning to shut off when you leave for work and even to come back on a few minutes before you get home. The programming ability allows you to save money as you won’t be heating or cooling your home consistently.


Lower Repair Bills

If your thermostat is broken, it ends up leading to many HVAC service calls because a malfunctioning thermostat could prevent your heating or AC from coming on or working properly. With a new thermostat, you can say goodbye to repair bills because everything will work as it should. 


Always Stay Connected

The newer thermostats offer a lot of connectivity options such as allowing you to control the temperature in your home even when you aren’t there. Some systems provide homeowners with data and information about energy use in their homes, allowing you to determine specific ways to cut costs.


Contact Us

If you are ready to discuss the installation of a new thermostat in your home, contact Heatmasters—your heating company serving Chicago—today and we will walk you through your options.

Pollutants can be found everywhere—even the air in the comfort of your own home can be affected. Poor air quality leads to various health effects and can be hard to maintain on your own. Find out what may be polluting your air and how to fix it using our air conditioning repair services.


It’s no secret that tobacco smoke contains thousands of carcinogens that are detrimental to your health. Smoking inside just once can affect the air quality of your home for weeks. 


It’s important to know which chemicals are present in your home because radon and formaldehyde can be extremely dangerous in large amounts. Radon is a natural gas that can enter the home through small cracks and is linked to lung cancer. Formaldehyde can be found in household products like paint and ingesting too much formaldehyde can be unhealthy. 


Mold often grows in moist and dark places. Apart from it being a flagrant substance, mold can also cause a variety of health effects including throat irritation and congestion. 

Dust Particles 

Every household has dust, but when dust levels get out of hand, it can become bothersome for the entire family—especially if someone has allergies to dust. Dust can cause sneezing, coughing, and irritated eyes if not properly treated.  


Humidity levels can also affect the quality of your air. Low humidity causes dry skin and rashes, which can increase the number of dust particles. Whereas too high humidity can encourage the growth of mold. 


Indoor air quality can be improved by routinely changing your air conditioning filter or taking advantage of our other air conditioning repair services. Contact Heatmasters today to book a repair in order to keep the air inside your home healthy!

We know that replacing air conditioning and furnaces in Chicago can be expensive, but it’s important to have working units. Furnaces can last longer than a central air conditioner, but replacing both at the same time is most likely the best choice for your residence.


Energy Efficient

Today, the heating and AC systems are highly efficient, using less energy than systems from the past. Check the SEER rating—which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio—to find out the efficiency of different AC systems. Furnaces are measured by seasonal performance, and an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) of 90% or higher is the recommended percentage for a new and efficient furnace system.


Saving Money

If you have a matched system, meaning the components are designed to work together for maximum efficiency, you’ll end up saving money over time. When you replace both systems at the same time, you end up saving money on repairs if they are ever needed because both systems will be under warranty. Additionally, they’ll require fewer repairs overall because of how new they are, making the overall process less complicated.


When To Replace

If your furnace is over 15 years old or you are deciding separately to purchase a high-efficiency air conditioner, it’s time to replace your furnace.


One of the biggest concerns many people have when looking for an HVAC company in Chicago is the cost of the services they require, and this rings especially true when making two replacements at once. Make sure you reach out to Heatmasters today to learn more about air conditioning and furnaces in Chicago and if it is time to upgrade. Contact us at 773.777.5700 for more information.

Summer is right around the corner and many of us will begin blasting our ACs in order to stay cool during the sweltering heat. Check out this quick list of facts when it comes to using your HVAC system in Chicago. Should you be doing anything differently?



Did you know that using air conditioning is not cheap? In the United States alone, AC costs an estimated 29 billion dollars if you are including repairs and energy costs.


Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is one of the ways to save money through the year. While the up-front investment of purchasing a programmable thermostat may be expensive, it will end up being cheaper in the long run. A programmable thermostat allows you to turn off your system when you aren’t around, put it on a timer at night, and even change the temperature when you aren’t home. You can save roughly $180 a year from a programmable thermostat.


Reusing Parts

Did you know that if you have an existing system, some components may be reused? Depending on the house and the system, some ductwork can be reused. Your contractor can look at and evaluate your existing setup and tell you how simple your installation can be.


Your HVAC in Chicago is about to be used to the fullest when the summer heat shows itself. Make sure you check up on these facts and see if there is anything you should be doing differently when it comes to your HVAC care.

According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for up to 48 percent of home energy consumption. If you are looking for a place to make cost cuts, start with your thermostat. As your Chicago HVAC company, Heatmasters wants to ensure you are happy with your HVAC system.

Winter Temperature

During the winter months, try to keep your thermostat at 68 degrees while people are home but turn it down by up to 10 degrees while everyone is away. This can save homeowners on average $83 per year. If you are feeling cold try putting on another layer or use an electric blanket rather than increasing the temperature.

What Affects My Savings?

Changing the temperature in your home is easy but predicting exact energy savings is more difficult. There are major factors that go into you bill besides your thermostat:

  • HVAC Equipment: The quality, size and condition of your Chicago HVAC will affect your overall bill.
  • Your Home: Windows, insulation and weather stripped are a few of the elements that help keep your treated air inside your home.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

It’s easy to forget to adjust your thermostat before you leave or go to bed. A smart thermostat can ease your mind and will sync with your phone so you can control it from anywhere. Smart thermostats are also programmable so you can set it to lower at night or during the day when you are not home.

For more information contact us at Heatmasters, your Chicago HVAC company.

As Chicago’s brutal weather arrives, its necessary that your heating system is in tip-top shape for the upcoming winter months. Your heating contractors at Heatmasters in Chicago want to make sure that your heating system is prepared with these five steps:

Check for Leaks

Air leaks in your system will raise your energy bills and overwork your heating unit. Make sure that you check for air leaks at least once every couple of months and address them if necessary.


No matter how well your insulation was placed when you first got your heating unit, at some point something will happen to it. Once you lose insulation, you will immediately lose heat and energy. Whenever you clean your heating system, you should inspect the insulation and check for air leaks.

Change Filters

Dirty furnace filters attract pollen and debris and decrease the productivity of your system. By replacing them every few months, your air with stay clean and healthy and your system will perform at maximum efficiency. Make sure to inspect them monthly during winter, when your system is continuously being used.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

This may seem like a strange step, but carbon monoxide can be produced by improper ventilation of generators, furnaces, gas, propane or any device that burns charcoal. Running any of these systems without the right ventilation can lead to deadly levels of gas in the air.

If you need assistance ensuring your system is running properly, call your heating contractors in Chicago, Heatmasters. We will make sure that heating your home is as easy as possible.