Heat Your Home the Cost-Efficient Way

As Chicago’s temperatures begin to drop, your heater sees more use than it has in months. Heating your home accounts for a majority of your home’s energy consumption and you will see that in your next bill. To combat a drastic rise in your bill, Heatmasters, your heating contractors in Chicago, is suggesting some tips on how to heat your home the cost-efficient way.


Take advantage of the natural heat coming from the sun! Open your curtains and let the sunlight in during the day. When it gets dark, shut your curtains so that they act as another layer of insulation.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature when you are awake at home. When you leave or are about to go to sleep, turn your thermostat down at least ten degrees for more than seven hours. This can save you about 10% a year on heating bills.

Seal Leaks

So much of your heat is lost through areas of your house that have direct openings to the outdoors or are poorly insulated. By sealing leaks in your doors, windows, attic and roof, you can save on your next bill and keep the warm air inside.

Maintain Your System

Schedule regular maintenance for your heating system and check with your heating contractors in Chicago to make sure that you are doing all of the required tasks to keep the system operating efficiently. Remember to replace your filter at least once a month to keep the system running smoothly.

Contact Heatmasters to schedule your next maintenance check so that your system is ready for the cold temperatures ahead.

As your Chicago HVAC contractor, Heatmasters wants to ensure that you are taking every step to keep your system running smoothly. By changing your air filter once a month, you can extend the lifespan of your system as well as keep the individuals in your home healthy.

Extending the life of your HVAC

The most common reason that a HVAC system breaks down is because of a dirty air filter. As the filter collects more dirt, air cannot pass through and could cause the system to overheat. If you have an older unit and do not replace the filter, it will cause the system to break prematurely.


If your air filter becomes so dirty that it starts clogging the system, it will cause the system to go into overdrive and use more energy. When it requires more energy to make your HVAC system work, it will cause your energy bill to dramatically increase.

Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is rating the air that you are breathing in, and if you have a dirty air filter, it will negatively impact your homes indoor air quality. Continually breathing in air that passes through a dirty filter will affect your health and well-being. You and your family might begin to develop coughs or runny noses because of a dirty air filter.


Unfortunately, a dirty air filter can also lead to mold and mildew. When the filter comes into contact with water, it is likely to become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This is a serious health risk for those who are living in the home.

Changing your air filter is an easy, yet necessary way to extend the life of your HVAC as well as keeping the air you breathe clean. Contact Heatmasters, your Chicago HVAC contractor, for more information.

As the weather begins to change, there is more pressure on your HVAC system to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. During the summer months, air conditioning is one of the most important things, but as it starts to cool down, you want to make sure that your HVAC in Chicago is ready for the change.

Pre-Season HVAC Inspection

As unpredictable as weather can be in these transition months, you wouldn’t want to be caught trying to turn on your heat and only to have it not work properly. Schedule an inspection of your HVAC system in order to ensure it will function properly when you need it most. You should also clean your air filters during this inspection to improve your HVAC’s fuel efficiency and long-term operating cost.

Inspect for Leaks

There’s a good chance that your windows, doors and attic spaces are leaking air out of your home. Whether it’s air conditioning or heat, you don’t want your HVAC in Chicago to be working double time because your windows might be leaking. Inspect your windows and doors and fix any problem areas in which you believe are leaking. Plus, this will also lower your monthly energy bills.


Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are many tools you can use to control your temperature more efficiently. One of the best ways is to simply upgrade to a programmable thermostat. Owning a thermostat that can be programmed to turn on and off at a certain time will save you time and money. Some thermostats can even be controlled by your phone or computer so that if you forget to turn the system off or change the temperature before you leave your home, you can do it right from your phone.

At Heatmasters, we have trained technicians who can answer all of your questions about your HVAC in Chicago. Call us today to schedule an HVAC inspection before fall.


Now that the temperatures are rising, your air conditioning system is one of the most important appliances in your home. Cooling your home in the Chicago heat can be expensive, consider some of the tips below from our Chicago HVAC contractor!

Increase the Temperature when You’re Away

Many individuals are unsure of what temperature to put their thermostat at when they’re not home. Some believe that leaving their home at a constant temperature throughout the day will be the most cost-efficient, while others turn their HVAC system off completely. By setting your thermostat just 10 degrees higher for eight hours a day, you can save 10% a year on your cooling bills!

Use Fans when Possible

This may seem obvious, but using a fan can make the room feel 10 degrees cooler. By using a fan, you can keep your house at a cool temperature while also putting less pressure on your HVAC system.

Don’t Waste your Cold Air

You could be cooling down your whole neighborhood without knowing it! In older homes, windows and doors could be leaking cool air if they aren’t completely sealed. Schedule an appointment with our Chicago HVAC contractor to make sure this isn’t happening to you!

Place your Thermostat on the Right Wall

By placing your thermostat on a wall away from the window, your air conditioner will kick on less often. When a thermostat is placed near a window, the sun can make the system think that it warmer inside than it actually is.

Using your HVAC in the most cost-efficient way can be tricky, especially when you’re in the Chicago heat. Heatmasters can ease all of your worries by requesting an appointment with one of our Chicago HVAC contractors!

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Now that summer temperatures are here in full force, you’re probably relying more and more on your air conditioner to keep you and your family comfortable. Sometimes, the air conditioner is necessary if temperatures are unbearable. But for those days where you aren’t sure whether or not to turn your AC on, consider using some of the following tips from our Chicago HVAC contractor!

Turn Ceiling Fans Counter-Clockwise

Check your ceiling fans and see which direction they are turning. Switching your fan to run counter-clockwise will cool your home down the fastest. Here’s an extra tip: in the winter, make sure your fan is running clockwise on a low speed to evenly distribute heat.

Place Fans in Front of Windows

If you don’t have a ceiling fan, our Chicago HVAC contractor recommends placing a fan in front of a window on those uncomfortably hot days. This way, the air from the outside will be channeled through a fan. For an extra cold touch, fill a shallow bowl with ice or cold water and place it in front of the fan. Believe it or not, this small trick will make a big difference in distributing cool air throughout your home!

Switch to Lyocell Sheets

If you haven’t heard of lyocell fibers, they are used in both sheets and pillowcases. They are made from wood pulp and are eco-friendly and perfect for summer! Buckwheat and rice pillows are also great to use in the summer because they are naturally cooling and don’t hold onto your body heat.

If you have other eco-friendly ways to cool your home, let us know! Contact our Chicago HVAC contractor with any further questions or concerns.

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When you think of thieves, you likely think of them stealing things such as money, expensive jewelry and other valuable items. With years of experience, our Chicago furnace company has learned that thieves may also be after something a bit more unexpected: your air conditioner. But why? The demand for metals such as copper have increasingly risen over the past few years, so the inflated values make your air conditioner even more valuable than you think. Here are some measures you can take to ensure you aren’t left without an air conditioner this summer.

Lock It Up

First and foremost, make sure that your outdoor unit is covered with a special cage or fence so it’s much more difficult to steal. Even the sight of a gate or cage may deter thieves from trying to steal your unit, as it will be much more time-consuming and difficult to steal when it’s locked.

Lighting is Key

Keeping your air conditioning unit in a well-lit area is crucial to ensuring you aren’t a target. Thieves thrive in dark areas because they know it is much more difficult to get caught this way. Consider installing a light near your unit to ensure thieves aren’t tempted. To go along with this, also consider removing landscaping features like bushes or trees if it obstructs the view of your air conditioning unit.

Engrave Personal Information

Engraving your home address on your air conditioning unit in places like the copper tubing will deter thieves from stealing it. If necessary, hire someone to engrave your information; it could make a huge difference!

If you have questions about your air conditioning unit or anything else HVAC-related, contact our Chicago furnace company with any questions or concerns. Our professionals are happy to help!

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After a long winter, we welcome the much-awaited warm weather with open arms. To accompany warm weather, it’s important to make sure your HVAC in Chicago is working properly to ensure your home always stays a comfortable temperature. If you’re in need of a new air conditioner, Heatmasters is here to help! Here are the four main types of air conditioning systems that are found in the United States.

Split Systems

This is the most common type of air conditioning system. The evaporator coil is usually located in a cabinet, removing heat and moisture from the air. There’s also a metal case located outside of the house that contains a condenser coil. The indoor components of the system are connected to a system of ducts that circulate throughout the house to ensure the entire home stays cool.

Heat Pumps

This is a variation of traditional split system. Just like it sounds, heat pumps take heat from inside the house and release it outside during hot summer months. During the winter, heat from outside air is used to warm the house, meaning heat pumps are ideal for all climates.

Packaged Central Air Conditioners

These combine the evaporator, compressor and condenser into one unit and it’s usually placed either on a roof or on a piece of concrete near the foundation. The ducts run through the wall or the roof and take air from inside of the house and put cooler air outside. You may also find this type of air conditioner in small commercial buildings.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

If your house doesn’t have ductwork, this is a great option for your HVAC system in Chicago. This combines an outdoor compressor and condenser with at least one indoor unit. They’re mounted high on the wall. Tubing connects the indoor and outdoor units and circulates heat between them.

Ensuring your home is always comfortable can be difficult, especially in cities like Chicago. Heatmasters can take care of all of your HVAC needs! We offer quality services at affordable prices. Contact us today to get started!


Can you believe that as of March 20th, it’s officially spring? The long-awaited warmer temperatures are finally in sight. Though you might be warm-weather ready, your HVAC system in Chicago may not be. As being energy efficient is always something on people’s minds, we wanted to debunk some common myths circulating (pun intended) about air conditioning.

Myth 1: “It’s easy to tell where I’m losing energy in my home.”

While as a homeowner, your main focus is probably on making sure your windows and doorframes are sealed. But it’s important to note that most air leaks are hidden from view and occur around chimneys, ductwork, pipes and other unexpected places.

Myth 2: “I can fix hot rooms by putting an air conditioner in the window.”

That’s like putting a Band-Aid on your HVAC system. One hot room in your house is often a sign of poor air flow in your house. It’s always best to attack the source of the problem, and this investment will save you money down the road.

Myth 3: “Dehumidifiers are the best solution for my damp basement.”

If your basement is full of moisture, mildew and foul smells, there’s likely a bigger issue at hand that your dehumidifier can’t fix. As mentioned above, it’s best to find the source of the issue instead of implementing a quick fix.

Myth 4: “If my HVAC system is on for a short period of time, I’ll save money”

As a matter of fact, HVAC systems use more energy in the first 3-5 minutes of running than they do in the next 25 minutes of running. Constantly turning your system on and off to deal with the weather is going to end up costing you more in the long run.

If you have questions about your HVAC in Chicago, Heatmasters is here to help! As we’ve been serving the Chicagoland area for 50+ years, contact us to experience the Heatmasters difference.

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It’s no secret that Chicago winters can be absolutely brutal. Although spring is in sight, it’s essential to make sure you have a well-functioning boiler that will last you the rest of this winter, plus many winters to come. Boilers typically last anywhere from 10-15 years; here are some signs your boiler needs a repair.

No Hot Water

This might be an obvious one, but it’s important! No hot water is a telltale sign that your boiler isn’t working well, as this is the boiler’s main function. We have been performing boiler repairs in Chicago since 1950 so we feel confident we can fix yours, too.

Clanging Noises

If it sounds like pots and pans are banging together in your boiler, there’s probably something wrong with it. It might mean there’s air in the system which can create unusual noises. This might be a sign that you should call us.


The hot water produced by your boiler can corrode metal faster than cool water would. Boilers and the pipes and valves connecting to it are susceptible to corrosion, which may cause leakage.

Weak Water Pressure

Low water pressure is often a sign of boiler issues as well.

If you or someone you know is in need of a boiler repair in Chicago, contact us at Heatmasters today. Our veteran staff members will swiftly have your boiler up and running in no time.