Tips for Picking Your New AC Unit
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Tips for Picking Your New AC Unit

Published by Steven Weiland

On a hot summer day, the last thing you need is your AC unit to stop working and to be stuck in constant heat. Replacing your AC unit is a big financial decision and you want to make sure it will effectively cool your home for years to come. The Heatmasters team put together some tips for choosing the right air conditioner contractor in Chicago to help make this process as easy as possible.

Size Considerations

People often purchase AC units that are either too big or too small to effectively cool their home. An AC unit that is too big will turn on at unneeded times, running up your energy bill. An AC unit that is too small will not cool your entire home and will leave certain areas uncomfortably hot. You should consider your houses’ cooling load instead of its square footage when determining the needed AC unit size. Cooling load is determined by taking into account size of home, size of your windows, and the amount of insulation in the home.

Importance of Compressors

The most crucial component of an AC unit is its compressor, which enables the unit to actually cool your home. There are two types of compressors: single stage and two stage compressors. Single stage compressors only run on one cooling speed, even if the room requires less or more cool air. A two stage compressor cycles between low and high cooling, usually running on low. This system leads to reduced utility bills and more consistent temperatures in your home.

Energy Efficiency

A new AC unit will generally be more energy efficient than your old one. The SEER (Season Energy Efficiency Rating) determines how well your system uses energy. New AC units are required to have over a 14 SEER rating. Units with higher energy efficiency deliver reduced utility costs and are better for the environment.

Replacing your AC unit can be an important economic decision. Heatmasters have been trusted air conditioning contractors in Chicago for over 50 years and will work with you to pick the perfect system for your home. Give us a call at 773-777-5700 to book an appointment!

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