Don’t Sweat The Seasons: Stay Cool With a New HVAC System
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Don’t Sweat The Seasons: Get An HVAC To Stay Cool

Published by Steven Weiland

Nothing beats the summer heat quite like the cool air flowing from your HVAC system. While it might sound complex, the system is simpler than you think. HVACs are highly durable and hold long term benefits for homeowners who choose to install them.

To better understand an HVAC system and how its benefits exceed owning a standalone air conditioning or heating system, it’s important for homeowners like you to know how they work.

How Does An HVAC System Work?

As its acronym implies, an HVAC is responsible for heating, ventilating and air conditioning your home to make it a comfortable place year-round.

It does this through a home’s ductwork, an electrical system connected outside of the house, and filtered ventilation. The system pulls hot air in from the outside, cools it using a refrigerant gas, and circulates the now cool air inside the home for air conditioning.

A similar process takes place during the winter, by keeping the frigid and dry air out. Cold air from the outside is warmed before circulating through your home with a heat exchanger.

Regardless of the temperatures outside, your HVAC is there to make your home feel more comfortable.

How Does An HVAC System Work?

Comparing Your HVAC To Other Air Conditioning Methods

An HVAC isn’t inexpensive, but neither are the repairs of a standalone ac system or window unit. Installing an HVAC is an investment that will save you long-term, especially during the heat of the summer. We’ve gathered a few reasons below why an HVAC system contains long-lasting benefits over other cooling methods:

  • A fortress for all temperatures – Living in the Upper Midwest means experiencing dramatic variations in temperature throughout the year. Air conditioning and heat are necessities we all need to live comfortably and safely during hot summers and chilly winters. With multiple benefits found in one system, you’re not only saving money for the warmer weather months, but for the entire year. Thanks to the ventilation system, your home is kept from being overly dry or saturated from humidity as well.
  • A seasonal allergy safe haven – An HVAC also provides heating and secure ventilation, to stop mold and allergens from creeping into your home. This benefit also runs over into the spring and summer months, when temperatures and the humidity skyrocket. By changing your air filter each season, you’ll be able to better protect your sinuses and avoid the wrath of dry eyes, runny noses and more.
  • Less energy use – At first glance, a window ac unit seems more practical since it uses only 20 to 40 percent of the energy an HVAC system uses. A home needs multiple window units in order to cool every room. A standalone air conditioning system will use roughly the same amount of energy as an HVAC, however, the greater lifespan of an HVAC means more money and energy saved long-term.
  • An extended lifespan – On average, a window air conditioning unit lasts about 8 to 10 years. Central air conditioning systems last a bit longer with a 12 to 17 year lifespan. With proper care and routine maintenance, an HVAC system could last between 15 to 25 years. While the initial investment of this system is pricey, the installation of standalone heating and air conditioning systems means more maintenance, repairs and replacements.

To extend the efficiency and effectiveness of your system throughout the summer, here are a few more things you can do:

  • Utilize ceiling and portable fans for additional cool air and circulation.
  • Change your system’s filter every three months.
  • Have an HVAC technician conduct routine maintenance on your system one to two times per year.

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