When Should You Seek Emergency Furnace Repair Services?
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When Should You Seek Emergency Furnace Repair Services?

Published by Steven Weiland

A furnace breakdown is both inconvenient and dangerous. After experiencing our first subzero temperatures of 2022 this week, we believe it’s important for homeowners to be aware of the signs of an imminent furnace breakdown. Just some of these telltale signs include:

  1. Room Temperatures Not Matching The Thermostat
  2. Temperatures Varying From Room-To-Room
  3. Strange Odors Or Sounds From Your Vents Or Heating System
  4. An Orange, Red Or Unlit Pilot Light
  5. A Dramatic Increase In Your Energy Bills, Despite Normal Usage

If your furnace completely breaks down when temperatures fall well below freezing, then you need to call a certified heating company immediately. The longer you have to wait for repairs, the more your health will be at risk. Your home’s appliances and pipes are also at risk of getting damaged, and could cost you thousands of dollars more to repair or replace them.

Emergency Furnace Repair

The earlier you can tell your furnace is malfunctioning, the less expensive a repair visit might be. It should also be noted that a completely broken furnace can cost thousands to repair or replace. After considering all of these factors, this is why we highly recommend you call a reliable HVAC repair service as soon as possible.

Urgent Furnace Repair Services Near Chicago, Illinois

When your heating system is facing a problem, it’s important for you to address it immediately. At Heatmasters, our heating and cooling technicians make the safety and wellbeing of clients our number one priority. You should not wait to call for repair services. Get your system repaired as soon as possible so you can get back to feeling comfortable in your home.

Learn more on our website, and call us at 773-777-5700 for emergency furnace repair services. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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