Emergency Service

Heatmasters Emergency Heating Services

Emergency Heating Services

If you require emergency service please call 773-413-6363 and ask to speak to a live operator and you will be assisted right away.

Otherwise, fill out the form to the right and a representative we will contact you within the next business day to address your needs. Thank you and have a great day!

Heating Issues Can Arise 24 Hours a Day

No one has the ability to control when issues will arise with their heating unit. Whether it’s due to the age of the equipment or the lack of being properly prepared for the winter months, furnaces and boilers can be quite unpredictable. In the colder months, when these types of issues arise, having a professional emergency heating service you can reach out to in the Chicago area can be crucial. With the bitter cold temperatures that the Chicago area can experience, dealing with the frigid temperatures without proper heating can be disastrous. This is why our team at Heatmasters is there for you. With 24/7 services available, we will answer your call when you find yourself in need.

Trusted Repairs 24/7

Here at Heatmasters, we look at our clients as family. This is why we refuse to leave our family members to face the cold. When you have issues with your heating and need emergency heating services, call our hotline and speak to an operator to let us know you need us. Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to aid you with all your heating repairs. By asking a few important questions, they will find the technician best suited to handle your issue and send them on their way quickly. As one of the most trusted heating contractors in the Chicagoland area, we will do everything possible to get to you and your family in a quick fashion to provide you with trusted repairs 24/7.

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Questions? Call 1-800-HEATING to speak with a Comfort Consultant NOW!