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How Long Does it Take to Install a New Furnace?

Published by Steven Weiland

Since 1950, Heatmasters has provided the very best in furnace installation in Chicago, IL for both residential and commercial users. We know that purchasing and installing a new furnace for your home or business brings with it a lot of questions, and to reduce the hassle and uncertainty, we want to answer some of those for you.

How long does furnace installation take?

The time involved can vary, depending on the scope of the work, but the typical furnace install usually takes 4-10 hours, and a complete furnace and A/C project can take 8-14 hours. If possible, we like to complete all installations in a day, but be assured, when you use Heatmasters, no shortcuts will be taken. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will conduct a walkthrough when they arrive and provide updates as their work progresses. Our technicians are there for one job only, your job, and they will always provide the quality service you deserve.

When should a furnace be replaced?

If your furnace is 15-years-old or older, you need to think seriously about furnace replacement, especially since furnace failures tend to come at the worst possible time – when a blizzard is howling and the temperature is plunging, when you have a house full of guests, or on holidays and weekends. We hope you won’t wait for your old furnace to fail but instead think seriously about furnace replacement.

Why choose Heatmasters for furnace installation in Chicago, IL?

Why choose Heatmasters? Because we honestly believe our technicians and our service are second to none in the Chicagoland area. So, if your aging furnace is no longer keeping your home or business comfortable, call or contact Heatmasters today for your free furnace installation estimate.

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