Creative Ways to Hide Your HVAC Systems
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Creative Ways to Hide Your HVAC Systems

Published by Steven Weiland

Are you tired of your box-y A/C unit or water heater sticking out like a sore thumb on your patio or in the center of your basement? Or is your boiler peeking out and distracting everyone from the kitchen you worked so hard to decorate? Look no further, there are creative ways to go about hiding these large systems that will not damage or harm them or affect them functioning properly.

However, if you do need a heating repair service in Chicago, contact Heatmasters today and talk to one of our expert comfort consultants before the seasons begin to change and the temperatures start to drop. Our staff can take care of any of your HVAC needs from repairing your A/C to your heater to your boiler and we have an emergency line where people are available 24/7 to help you. Our aim to keep you comfortable in your home, even when the weather is not.

Hide Your Air Conditioner

It is important to keep in mind that in order for your air conditioner to function properly, it needs to vent a lot of generated heat, so to be safe do not enclose the machine or cover it where it could be damaging to the system or affect it functioning properly. One way to conceal your air conditioner is to fence it in and match the color and style of the fence with the look of your backyard so it looks like a purposeful decoration. Another way is to build a dedicated structure or an aesthetically pleasing structure that can be useful in other ways, such as a box like shape that can store a hose, garden supplies, pool care supplies and more. Again, integrate the structure with the same color scheme and look of your backyard to keep everything consistent and so it blends it. Lastly, adding structural and vegetation screens are simple and affordable to keep the focus off your large A/C system. If you have a garden, you can even allow for plants that climb, such as beans, to grow vertically and conceal your air conditioner even more.

Shut In Your Boiler

Your boiler tank can stick out in the worst spots in your home, throwing off your room decor completely. It is important to keep it simple in terms of hiding your boiler and keeping with the theme of your kitchen or area of your home it is located. The best way to do so is to create a concealing cabinet that you can do yourself if you are looking for an affordable way to do so. The materials you will need are a tape measure, plywood sheets 6 x 6 feet, 1 x 2 planks for corner bracing, power drill, table saw and jigsaw, 2 sets of vertical hinges for doors, screw fasteners with flat heads, fine-grit sandpaper and primer and paint to match decor. Click here and follow these detailed instructions to shut in your boiler for good.

Enclose Your Water Heater

In terms of hiding your water heater, there are two simple ways in which you can do this. The first is the use a standing divider that you can paint any color to match your decor or do something fun with it and turn it into a decoration or use a ceiling-mounted curtain. In terms of the standing dividers, you can easily build or purchase them and even if you purchase them you can still paint or decorate to match the room. Similar to the ceiling-mounted curtain where you can buy a curtain with patterns or a bright color to make a splash in the room. Your water heater is crucial to staying warm during the harsh, windy Chicago winters and if you are experiencing any problems, Heatmasters provides heating repair services in Chicago and has expert staff to help you come to the right decisions in terms of repair or replacing older systems.

If you are tired of your HVAC systems being a sight for sore eyes in or outside your home, use of one these quick, simple ways to conceal them and make them a part of your home decor. If you need heating repair services in Chicago before the weather begins to change check out Heatmasters today and one of our experienced staff can help and advise you on the right solution. We can take care of all of your HVAC needs from repair to installation and advise you along the way, contact us at our Chicago office today.

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