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Your Ceiling May Need Sealing

Published by Steven Weiland

Even the smallest air leak can eat up a lot of your home’s energy. The quickest and easiest way to save money on energy bills is to seal all openings in your home that lead outside. Read this guide for how to block air leaks in all areas of your home.

Test air tightness by holding a lit incense stick or smoke pen next to windows, doors and other areas that could have a leak. If the air smoke travels horizontally it indicates a leak. Caulk and weatherstrip any doors or windows that are leaking, and caulk and seal other holes where plumbing or electrical wiring comes into the home from the outside. Larger gaps near windows and doors can be fixed with a foam sealant.

Keep an eye out for dirty spots on ceiling and carpet, as well as in your home’s insulation. Dirty spots in insulation may mean air leaks and mold, which needs to be addressed immediately. Seal these leaks with spray foam or install house flashing. Ceiling or carpet stains indicate air leaks at wall and ceiling or wall and floor joints, which can be sealed with caulk.

Air leaks that are located around chimneys or other heating sources should be sealed with specific fire-resistant materials, like sheet metal or sheet rock. Fireplace flues are made out of metal which can warp or break over time and create a leak. During the summer and other times you aren’t using the fireplace, seal the flue with a chimney balloon.


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