Ways to Preserve Energy for the Coming Winter
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Ways to Preserve Energy for the Coming Winter

Published by Steven Weiland

When the cold season starts to approach, it comes quickly and there are many ways you can make your home a comfortable temperature even when the outside is not while keeping your energy bill to a minimum. It is important to take many aspects of energy you use in your home when trying to limit your bill so it is not outrageously expensive during the long Chicago winter. Heatmasters is here to help with checking your heating and cooling systems before the seasons change to make sure everything is in tip top shape and so you do not have to worry about any emergencies during and ice storm.

Where to Start

Weatherstripping and caulking is the most cost effective way to cut down on your energy use in the winter. If your home is not sealed properly you can waste about 10 to 15 percent of your money on overworking your system because cold air is getting into your home. To see if your weatherstripping is cracked or damaged check around your doors and windows for leaks or drafts. Add weatherstripping and caulk to any holes you see or replace it completely if you feel it is necessary. That will be a lot less expensive in the long run than if you let it continue to leak and let in a draft causing your heater to work harder.

Next Steps

Checking your insulation is another key to saving energy. Before energy efficiency standards, homes were not built with insulation and as a result large quantities of heat can be lost through your floors, walls, and ceilings. Weatherstrip and insulate your attic to prevent warm air from escaping out of the top of your home. Seal all holes you find in your home that heat can escape from. Insulating your garage door can also help keep the heat in and will help in terms of keeping your car warm so it is not freezing when you get into it to go to work or school in the morning.

Get Your HVAC System Checked

It is important to get a routine maintenance and inspection of your heating system every fall to make sure it is in shape for the winter, which comes quicker than you think. Contact Heatmasters today for your inspection, we can help you see if there is need for repairs or replacement, or let you know if everything is good to go for the cold weather. On some occasions, updating your current model can cut your use of natural gas, which leads to a less expensive bill, all depending on how old your current system is.

The winter is coming and it can hit you hard in terms of your energy bill. Use these quick tips to help conserve energy and be cost-effective. Heatmasters is here to help you be comfortable in your home, even when there is freezing rain outside or below zero temperatures. Contact one of our comfort consultants today as they are available 24/7 for your assistance to ensure that your heating system is ready for this winter.

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