Troubleshoot Your Thermostat To Get It Back In Working Order
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Troubleshoot Your Thermostat

Published by Steven Weiland

A programmable thermostat adds convenience and comfort to you in your home, but it cannot do this effectively if it isn’t working! You may need to troubleshoot the thermostat to get it back in working order. Answer these questions before calling a professional technician:

  1. Are the batteries low? The screen may still appear “on” even when the batteries or low. Turn the thermostat off before removing the cover and replacing batteries. Once the batteries are changed, turn it back on and see if that does the trick.
  2. Is the fuse blown? Chances are, your programmable thermostat will have a fuse containing a filament like a light bulb. When too much power travels through the filament, it can blow the fuse. You can find replacement fuses at a hardware store.
  3. Are the heating and cooling systems both not working? If you are experiencing trouble with the thermostat in regards to your air conditioner, try turning it to the heating setting, or vice versa. If one is working and the other isn’t, the problem likely has nothing to do with your thermostat, it’s the equipment.
  4. Is the thermostat old? If you find that none of the above questions help, the answer may be to simply replace it. If a new thermostat still does not resolve the problem, contact an HVAC contractor to inspect it further.

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