Signs You Need a Dehumidifier - Combat Issue Inside Your Home
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Signs You Need a Dehumidifier

Published by Steven Weiland

Summer means increased levels of humidity in the air, which happens both outdoors and indoors. While you can’t do much about the humidity outside, portable and whole-home dehumidifiers can combat the issue inside your home.

You may say, “but I don’t need a dehumidifier in my home, the air is perfectly comfortable!” Even with appropriate temperatures, your home may be in great need of a dehumidifying unit. Here are some signs:

Condensation. When the air inside your home is too humid, you will notice condensation collecting on glass windows and doors. It will look as if the windows are fogged, and water drops may begin to slide down the glass.

Musty odor. If you begin to smell must, this is a sign of mold and mildew buildup. Moisture is the catalyst for mold formation, and excessive humidity can create a lot of moisture in the home.

Mold spots. As mentioned above, when you have a lot of moisture in an indoor environment, mold will grow on surfaces such as walls and ceilings. You may notice this most in the bathrooms, as they tend to lack proper ventilation, but it can also appear in the basement, the attic and closets.

Water stains. As humidity builds up inside and gathers on surfaces, it rises and can create water stains on the ceiling. Such stains may also show up on the walls, floors and other surfaces.

Ground moisture. The water drained off your roof during heavy rain, if not run off properly, will build up on the grass surrounding your home, and can even flow back towards your home. This may cause water damage in the basement or ground floor areas inside.


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