Protect Your Home Against Summer Storms
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Protect Your Home Against Summer Storms

Published by Steven Weiland

It’s been a rainy and stormy few weeks in Chicagoland, and at times these storms can cause a lot of damage to your home and property. While sometimes this is beyond our control, there are a few precautions you can take to minimize the risk for damage.

Check the roof. If you have the proper safety equipment, get up on the roof and inspect for missing shingles or other damage. These weak spots are vulnerable to allowing water leak into your home during strong rains. And if you don’t check your attic regularly, the damage from a leak can become quite severe before you even realize it. If you are uncomfortable or do not have the right equipment to be safe on the roof, hire a professional to come do the inspection for you.

Clear the gutters. While up on the roof, gutters should be inspected as well, and cleared of any leaves, dirty or other debris that may be clogging them. When a gutter is clogged, the water cannot be properly drained from the roof, so it just sits up on the roof, which can again lead to leaks and other damage. Make sure that gutters are also sturdy and secure so they won’t detach during a storm.

Trim trees. Summer storms generally bring wind, which on its own can wreak havoc on landscaping and trees. Branches on older, more brittle trees are susceptible to snapping, and if a branch hangs close to your home or outdoor unit, it can smash through a window or fall on top of your roof or outdoor A/C unit. Trim away any weak branches that are potentially hazardous.

Check A/C fin compression. Your outdoor unit was built to be durable against severe climate, but wind and resulting debris from storms may cause the fins around the condenser to compress. Why is this an issue? Your system will lose efficiency. Call an A/C repair company to comb the compressed fins.


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