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Prepare Your Home for Your Summer Vacation

Published by Steven Weiland

Planning a family vacation this summer? The last thing you want to happen when you return is to have a stack of utility bills to pay. Spend the money you have saved for your vacation actually for your vacation by following these tips:

Unplug indoor and outdoor appliances. Even when your appliances are turned off, they are using electricity while plugged in to a power source. When you aren’t home, why waste electricity? Unplug lamps, televisions, and even larger appliances to save energy. If you will be gone for an extended period of time, consider emptying out your fridge and unplugging it as well.

Turn off all lights. Again, there is no need for lights to be on in your home while no one is there. If you are concerned about potential intruders, consider a an automatic timer to turn certain lights on at certain times of day or night. This gives the illusion that you are home without wasting excessive amounts of energy by leaving lights on all day.

Adjust your thermostat. Raise the desired temperature on your thermostat so that the air conditioning doesn’t kick in unless on an extremely hot day. Keep it at 75 degrees or higher to guarantee your system won’t turn on much if at all while you’re away. Some newer thermostats also have an “away” or “vacation” mode, and others have Wifi capabilities so you can control them from your tablet or smartphone.

Adjust your water heater. Similar to programmable thermostats, many water heaters will have an “away” feature to switch on when you leave. If your water heater does not, turn it to low before leaving.

Here’s to a great vacation and a comfortable summer!

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