Is Your Home too Humid? Follow These Ways to Keep Humidity Levels Down
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Is Your Home too Humid?

Published by Steven Weiland

We have spoken about what to do when you are lacking humidity in your home and the benefits of a humidifier, but what if you have too much humidity inside?

Excessive humidity this winter is uncomfortable for you and bad for your home. You may find yourself waking up frequently in a sweat, or that your allergies are acting up worse than usual, or must and mold developing near air vents. You shouldn’t have to suffer with any of these problems.

What causes it?

Surprisingly, newer, higher-efficiency air conditioning systems can contribute to mold growth inside a home. These systems will save you on cooling bills, but many are unable to sufficiently remove humidity. What usually ends up happening is that homeowners will keep lowering the temperature on their thermostat to keep the air conditioning running longer. This may dehumidify the air a bit, but will also increase cooling costs, which diminishes the purpose of a high-efficiency A/C.

What can you do about it?

There are ways to keep comfortable while maintaining an appropriate level of humidity. For starters, ensure your HVAC system is the right size. A unit that is too large will moderate the temperature and then turn off before removing humidity. A professional contractor can come to your home and examine the space to help you determine the right size for you – just be sure to follow their recommendation!

Additional ways to keep humidity levels down include:

  • Air conditioners with enhanced dehumidifying features
  • Installing high-efficiency air filters
  • Using effective bathroom exhaust fans while showering
  • Having your home and ducts inspected regularly for air leaks
  • Purchase a ducted dehumidifier

While you dream of summer and warmer weather this winter, consider your air conditioning needs. If you are in the market for a new system, look out for these dehumidifying features so you stay comfortable and your home remains mold-free.

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