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Heating System Audit

Published by Steven Weiland

A commercial heating system is probably not thought about all that often. Many don’t discover a problem until damage is done – but this can be prevented. If you want to improve the system’s performance and efficiency as well as prevent it from becoming damage, an audit is a relatively easy solution.

A quick walk-through heating system audit will help you determine any areas that are over- or under-heated or where temperature control is inadequate. Start during heating season (now is perfect!) and visit all areas of the building, keeping in mind any temperature changes. You should also talk to people who frequent the building, as they get a better idea of conditions, and ask them the following:

  • Do conditions differ in areas of the building, or are they consistent?
  • Do conditions change over time?

This will give you and your HVAC technician a good idea of what to look for, and most importantly, where to look for it. You should also have maintenance records on hand  to assess work done in the past. This will be able to tell you:

  • Where most complaints occur
  • What parts of the system have required the most attention
  • Whether past technicians have fully repaired parts or used quick fixes

By identifying problem areas and problem components of the heating system, you and/or your HVAC professional should be able to come up with the appropriate solution to the problem before it causes damage. You should do a walk-through such as this annually in order to keep tenants happy and your wallet full.


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