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Don’t Forget Your HVAC System When Cleaning Your Home

Published by Steven Weiland

When cleaning your home, you shouldn’t neglect your HVAC system. Add the following to your checklist:

AIR VENTS: As air flows through and out of your system, dust can build up on the vents.

  • Suck off any loose debris with your vacuum hose.
  • For tougher debris, use a rag to clean in between the grill. You may need to drape the rag over something skinny that can fit in between, such as a butter knife.

FLOOR REGISTERS: Debris can also get knocked into the floor registers in your home.

  • Unscrew the vent from the floor and remove it.
  • Soak the vent in soapy water, and clean off tougher rust or dirt with a sponge.
  • Vacuum inside the register to remove any pet hair, dust, dirt, and other small items that may have fallen inside.
  • Dry the vent thoroughly before reinstalling it.

A/C UNIT: Debris builds up over time on the outdoor condenser unit, especially in winter, which can restrict the flow of air.

  • Before doing any cleaning, turn off the power to the unit.
  • Vacuum the air conditioner’s fins with a soft brush. The fins are delicate, so be gentle.
  • Remove yard waste, weeds or anything else around the edge of the unit.

PROFESSIONAL HVAC CLEANING: While the tasks above are relatively easy to do for any homeowner, others may be more difficult, such as:

  • Air duct cleaning
  • Air conditioner coil cleaning
  • Air conditioner maintenance

Contact Heatmasters for professional cleaning, maintenance and repair for your system.


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