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Benefits of a Humidifier

Published by Steven Weiland

Chicago winters are brutal—that’s not news to anyone. Bitter cold temperatures leave us shivering, icy roads threaten our commute, and dry winter air causes discomfort and a plethora of health and home problems. We can bundle up and turn our heat on high for the cold, we can put salt down on the roads to help with the ice, but what can be done about that dry winter air? The answer is a humidifier. Humidifiers pump water vapor in the air to increase the humidity of a room. Humidifiers make a great addition to your home, especially in the dry winter months, for several reasons. Here are the benefits of a humidifier:

Dry Sinuses

You know the feeling—temperatures start to drop, the air starts to dry out, and your nose starts to drip. You become congested or you begin to sniffle while your nose starts to run. Humidifiers can help alleviate symptoms of sinusitis, or improperly functioning sinuses. Do your nose a favor and keep the air in your home humidified.

Better Sleep

Snoring may be caused by dry sinuses or throat, and when you humidify your bedroom, that dryness goes away. So whether you sleep next to someone that snores or your own snoring is a problem, a humidifier can help the problem. Humid air is also more comfortable than dry air, so falling and staying asleep will be easier for you.

Improve Skin

When the air is dry, your skin gets dry—especially your hands and lips. A lot of people notice dry or flaky skin when winter comes, which can cause itchiness, cracking, and even bleeding. One solution could be a humidifier. Introducing more humidity into the cold, dry air can help rejuvenate skin and prevent the symptoms mentioned above. Additionally, make sure to drink plenty of water during the winter to keep your skin hydrated.

Heal Better

When we get sick in the winter, cold and dry air does not help. The moisture in the air helps keep your nasal passages and throat moistened, which will help the healing process. This will also decrease symptoms like coughing, dry or scratchy throat, and nose or sinus problems. Humidified air will also decrease the likelihood of nose bleeds from having dry nasal passages. It also may reduce the risk of infection.

Home Benefits

You aren’t the only one benefiting from your humidifier—your home is too! Humidified air does wonders for house plants and wood furniture, as well as decreasing the static electricity in your home. Not to mention, your heating bill could go way down! Humid air feels warmer and more comfortable, so you’re less likely to crank the heat up.

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