Air Conditioning and Allergies - How To Minimize The Effects
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A/C and Allergies

Published by Steven Weiland

If you suffer from allergies, you may experience worse symptoms in the summer, when your central air conditioning is running more frequently. Your A/C runs more efficiently when your home is well-sealed and insulated, which keeps you comfortable; however, the contaminants that are circulated throughout your home are trapped inside.

Contaminants can be found all over, in places such as:

  • Fibers in carpets and furniture
  • Cleaning products
  • Beauty and hygiene products
  • Gases from water heaters and cooking appliances
  • Pet dander and dust
  • Pollen entering the home from outdoor air

So, how can you reduce the effects of you air conditioning system on your allergies? Clean your ducts! The best way to ensure contaminants have been removed is to hire a professional contractor to clean the ducts for you. While you’re at it, have the skilled HVAC technicians replace your air filters – they can suggest the best kind for you and for your allergies.


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