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6 Ways to Be Comfortable This Winter

Published by Steven Weiland

Whether you like it or not, temperatures are beginning to drop, making the functionality of your heating system all the more important for the upcoming winter months. Make sure your heating system is prepared for tackling the cold with these six steps:

Check Insulation

No matter how secure your insulation is, at some point if will become unreliable in some way. Once you lose insulation, you also lose heat and energy meant to keep the inside of your home warm. Part of your heating system cleaning should be to inspect the insulation at home.

Check for Air Leaks

Cleaning is more than getting rid of dirt and dust, you should also be checking for problems, such as air leaks. Air leaks will significantly raise energy bills and overwork heating units. Make sure to put in the effort in looking for air leaks and address them if necessary.

Change Batteries in the Thermostat

A thermostat that is low on batteries will not function the way it is supposed to. You may never think about the batteries of the thermostat, but better to replace them than be stuck in the middle of a cold winter with a thermostat that doesn’t work.

Clean Ducts

The job of ducts is to distribute air properly. If they aren’t clean, your heating system will not work properly. If the ducts are completely clogged with debris, you won’t get any air distribution at all. Clean air ducts ensure warm temperatures and cut energy costs.

Change Filters

Clean furnace filters screen out unwanted pollen and debris and increase your system’s productivity. Replacing them often means your air stays clean and healthy against allergens and other harmful bacteria. Inspect them monthly, especially in winter when your system is being used continuously. When filters get dirty, your system has to work extra hard to heat your home, resulting in poor performance and increased energy costs.

Examine the Carbon Monoxide Detector

Since you most likely crank up the heat in the winter, it is vital to check that your carbon monoxide detector is functioning. Carbon monoxide can be produced by improper ventilation of furnaces, generators, gasoline, propane or any devices that burn charcoal, car exhaust systems and wood-burning stoves. Running any of these systems without proper ventilation can lead to deadly levels of the gas in the air.

If you need assistance in ensuring your heating system is functioning and in good shape for winter, call Heatmasters – we will make sure that heating your home this winter season is as comfortable and stress-free as possible!



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