Your Thermostat Might Be The Reason Your Furnace Isn’t Working
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Your Thermostat Might Be The Reason Your Furnace Isn’t Working

Published by Steven Weiland

If you just can’t seem to figure out why your furnace isn’t functioning properly, your thermostat could be to blame. When something causes your thermostat to malfunction, it is unable to properly notify and communicate with your heating system to regulate your home’s temperature the way you want it to. Here are a few reasons your thermostat may be culprit behind your furnace issues:

Power Problems

If your thermostat doesn’t seem to be working correctly, it may just be a simple power problem. Try replacing the batteries, checking the power switch, or examine the fuse and circuit breaker. If it is just the batteries, try switching to lithium batteries rather than Alkaline so they will last longer.

Faulty/Loose Wiring

Faulty and loose wiring can cause your thermostat to lose connection to the rest of the heating system. If your furnace stops working, be sure to inspect the wiring and tighten or replace if necessary. Hire a professional to do this if you aren’t sure how to handle wires on your own.

Mismatched Components

In order for the thermostat and heating system to work together properly, they must be matched correctly according to the system type and capacity of your furnace. If the thermostat and system are not set up together, there is opportunity for a miscommunication among the components.

Inaccurate Temperature Reading

Sometimes when a thermostat is installed it can be placed in a location that doesn’t allow it to get an accurate reading. If your furnace fails to kick on when it’s supposed to, this may be the issue. Make sure that your thermostat is placed away from outside windows and doors, as well as heat sources like fireplaces, direct sunlight, radiators, and kitchen heat emissions.

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