Getting Your Home Ready For Fall
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Getting Your Home Ready For Fall

Published by Steven Weiland

Sadly, summer is coming to an end, but soon you’ll begin to hear a crunch under your step as the leaves fall from the trees this autumn. However, make sure you are taking care of your home and creating a comfortable environment as Chicago’s cold weather starts to come in. Before the cold weather comes, check on your HVAC unit to make sure it’s working and if you need a furnace repair in Chicago, contact us today!


Windows And Doors

Make sure your home’s windows and doors aren’t producing leaks and drafts because when the temperature drops, you want to be in a cozy home, not a cold one!


Programmable Thermostat

These are a great investment as they can help you save money on utility bills. You can set your thermostat to lower the temperature automatically at night and when you aren’t home—a win-win. 


Roof and Gutter Inspection

If you need to, hire a professional to make sure there are no damaged tiles or cracks on the roof. Fix what needs to be fixed while it’s still nice out and clean your gutters as they may have leaves and debris in them. 


Be Prepared For Power Outages

Come cold weather, power outages become more frequent, so make sure you invest in an emergency generator for this situation.


Check And Clean Humidifiers

You should be inspecting your humidifiers and replacing any old filters. Additionally, clean the inside compartment using vinegar—an inexpensive product that works well for this task.


Winterize Your AC

If you live in a home that has central air conditioning, cover your outdoor unit for the upcoming winter. This helps prevent air leaks and keeps your home warm and cozy during the winter months.


If you need your furnace repaired in Chicago, contact Heatmasters today and we will be happy to help you with this and other concerns.

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