Cut Heating Costs During The Holidays
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Cut Heating Costs During The Holidays

Published by Steven Weiland

With Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, and New Years right around the corner, entertaining guests in your home is often a common occurrence. While you obviously want to keep your home temperature comfortable, there are a few ways you can make your guest feel warm and welcome without cranking the heat and raising your utility bill. Here are some tips on how to cut energy costs this holiday season.

Build A Fire

If you have a fireplace in your home, make your living room cozy and warm by building a fire or turning on the gas fireplace. This will warm up the room without requiring you to turn up the thermostat. Just be sure that when the fire goes out, you turn the heat down so your furnace doesn’t work overtime to replace the warm air.

Lower The Thermostat Temperature

Let the heat run in your home before your guests arrive, but once they get there you can lower the temperature a few degrees. Your home will then feel warm when they walk in but the natural body heat from having multiple people in your home will continue to keep the temperature comfortable.

Target Your Heat with Space Heaters

Space heaters are a great investment if you want to warm up a certain area of the home without cranking the heat. They are typically inexpensive and work quickly to heat small bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices.

Install An Energy-Efficient System

If you’re looking to save money year-round and not just during the holidays, call Heatmasters today to install an energy-efficient heating and cooling system! We offer several makes and models so you can find the perfect system for your home.

Courtesy of Woman’s Day Magazine

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