Don't Fall Short on Fall HVAC Maintenance
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Don’t Fall Short on Fall HVAC Maintenance

Published by Steven Weiland

What are your household tasks in the fall? Along with raking leaves and preparing your home for winter, be sure your HVAC system is in good shape! Run through this checklist to maintain your heating system and save you money.


For your outdoor system:

  • Shut down your A/C for winter. Inspect the air conditioner for any damage, and cover it up for the harsh winter season. Turn off the outside switch so it doesn’t get turned on accidentally.
  • Clear all vegetation and debris from the exterior heat pump unit to prevent any damage and make sure air flows properly.

For your indoor system:

  • Keep any flammable items stored away from the heating system.
  • Look at your air filter, and replace if damaged or dirty. These should be replaced every couple of months – a dirty air filter will reduce indoor air quality.
  • Inspect vents for obstruction and move furniture that may be blocking them.
  • Keep your humidifier in good working condition by changing the water panel.
  • Replace batteries in your thermostat and carbon monoxide detector. The batteries in your thermostat should last a while, while the carbon monoxide detector’s batteries should be replaced once a year to ensure it’s in good working order.


While the items listed above can be done rather easily by anyone, certain HVAC maintenance should be left for professional contractors who have the experience, training and tools to do it safely, properly and efficiently. Contact Heatmasters for fall maintenance services.



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