Why Your Thermostat Placement Matters for Energy Efficiency
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Your Thermostat – Placement Matters

Published by Steven Weiland

Whether moving into an older home or building a new one, you may not even think twice about the location of the thermostat. However, if a thermostat is placed improperly, it may cause your heating and cooling system to adjust the temperature in the opposite direction, producing too much or not enough heat or cold air.

You may want to consider moving your thermostat for one of the following reasons:

The thermostat is reading temperatures too warm. When sunlight comes through a window and frequently hits an area on the wall where the thermostat is located, it raises the temperature around the thermostat by several degrees, creating a “phantom reading.” This may cause your heater to turn off when it shouldn’t, lowering the overall temperature inside your home. The opposite effect will take place during the summer.

The thermostat is reading temperatures too cold. Phantom readings may also occur when the thermostat is in cooler locations, such as by a window that is open often or where air from a vent blows onto it. The thermostat will read a temperature that is too low, and heaters may run too long, creating an abundance of heat inside. If warm air is blowing from the vent, once again the heat will be shut off and inside temperatures will become cooler.

The thermostat is reading uneven temperatures. When you have only one thermostat in your home, it should be reading the average temperature inside, which is best read near the center. If the thermostat is placed too far from the center it will get an uneven reading.

If you find that your home is not being properly heated this winter, call Heatmasters heating repair to inspect your thermostat to make sure it is in an effective location!

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