You & Your Home Will Benefit From A Humidifier This Winter
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You and Your Home Will Benefit from a Humidifier this Winter

Published by Steven Weiland

On cold, winter days, it is absolutely necessary to turn the heat on in your home to stay comfortable. However, did you know that having your heater running can also dry out the air? It is recommended that homes should have a constant humidity level between 30 and 50 percent, so it is wise to invest in a humidifier.

Here are some added benefits:

It will keep you healthy. Dry air is a breeding ground for viruses, such as the cold and the flu. Keeping the air somewhat moist helps to prevent those in your home from getting sick. More humid air can also be beneficial for those who are prone to having dry skin or a dry throat as it is more soothing, and it can even help with snoring! Purchase a humidifier, and you will have a healthier, more well-rested household!

It will keep your home healthy. When the air in your home is dry, it increases the chance for paint to peel, wood floors to split and wood furniture to crack. Adding some moisture into the air will help to prevent this from occurring, and in the long run save you money! Not to mention, air that contains more moisture feels warmer, so you may not have to turn your thermostat up quite so high. You may also notice lusher, healthier indoor plants.

Winter is on its way, so get your home ready! Using a humidifier will keep you, your family and your home feeling significantly better, not to mention could save you the time and cost for home repairs!


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