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Why You Should Seal & Insulate

Published by Steven Weiland

Have you checked your insulation recently? Your home’s insulation is more important than you may think. Here are three reasons you should insulate your home:

  1. Insulation saves energy, and therefore saves you money. When air leaks through unsealed walls, doors or other openings, it wastes energy. Well-sealed walls and doors with the right amount of insulation will noticeably decrease your utility bills.
  2. Well-sealed and insulated homes are also more comfortable to residents. Humidity is better controlled, and less pollen, dust or insects are able to enter. You will be surprised at how much outside noise is reduced with added insulation.
  3. Many homeowners have significant air leaks without even realizing it. If you were to add up all the holes, gaps and leaks in the average home, it would be the same as having a window open all 365 days of the year!

If you would like to learn more about sealing leaks, insulation and energy efficiency, contact Heatmasters!


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