Why You Should Clean Your HVAC Ducts
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Why You Should Clean Your HVAC Ducts

Published by Steven Weiland

Cleaning Duct FilterHVAC ducts and systems, or heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, are intended to help maintain superior indoor air quality through adequate ventilation, and to provide thermal comfort. However, your HVAC ducts can accrue so much dust they almost look like they’re coated in fur stalactites.

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, through everyday living in a six-room home, people create up to 40 pounds of dust. The dust, which has contaminates such as dander and chemicals, re-circulates throughout the home five to seven times a day on average, which causes a build-up in the HVAC ducts. This filth contributes to health problems, and can cause serious issues for people with respiratory health conditions, autoimmune disorders or environmental allergies.

Plus, cleaning your HVAC ducts will help conserve energy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25-40% of the energy used for heating or cooling a home is wasted because contaminant build-up cause the system to work harder and shorten its lifespan. When HVAC ducts are clean, the system doesn’t have to work quite as hard to maintain the desired temperature, resulting in a lower energy usage, and a more cost-effective system.

Thankfully, there are tons of HVAC services that can clean them. The EPA has suggestions to consider when finding HVAC contractors to clean your ducts. A good HVAC maintenance company, the EPA says, doesn’t make sweeping claims about the health benefits of clean HVAC ducts, doesn’t use chemicals without helping you understand the pros and cons, and has a relevant state license. It’s also a good idea to call the Better Business Bureau first to see if there are any complaints filed against the company before you let them clean your HVAC ducts.

Clean HVAC ducts will help make your home cleaner, and more energy efficient. If you have any questions about cleaning them, feel free to ask in the comments.

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