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What’s That Noise?

Published by Steven Weiland

Some sounds coming from your HVAC equipment is normal, but others may be a sign of a larger issue with your system. Read below for common HVAC noises, what they could mean and what you should do.

Hissing Noises

Hissing generally means what it sounds like: air leaking somewhere within the system. If the noise is coming from the walls, it likely means your ducts are leaking. A leak in your ducts makes your system work inefficiently, causing you to waste money. Unless you have professional training, you should not attempt to repair the ducts yourself. Call a technician as soon as possible. However, if the hissing is quieter and lighter, it may be coming from your vents, meaning your filter is set incorrectly or is the wrong size. Check your filter for an easy fix.

Rattling Noises

Unlike hissing, rattling can mean a variety of things. If the sound is coming from the unit outside, there is most likely some sort of debris trapped in the unit, such as twigs or leaves. If this is the case, turn off the system and cut the power before removing whatever is stuck inside. If you notice internal damage, call your HVAC contractor. If the rattle is inside, from the furnace or other component, turn off your system and call your contractor, as removing debris is much more complicated.

Clanking Noises

A soft, consistent hum is a normal noise for your heating and cooling, but if you hear a clanking something is definitely wrong. The cause is likely one or more loose parts within the system. If not addressed quickly, loose parts can damage the system, leading to costly repairs or even replacement. Call your local contractor right away.

If you hear a strange noise coming from your system and aren’t sure what it means, contact Heatmasters immediately. We can pinpoint the problem and resolve it for you quickly, getting you back to comfort as soon as possible.


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