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Top 5 Air Conditioning Myths Debunked

Published by Steven Weiland

With Chicago summers as hot and humid as they are, it’s important to get the most out of your HVAC unit. Often, a misunderstanding of how your HVAC system works will lead to wasted energy and money. Here is how to avoid what doesn’t work and understand what does.

Myth: Setting your air conditioner to a significantly lower temperature will cause it to cool faster

Fact: Your air conditioner works at the same power level regardless of temperature settings. Setting your air conditioner to your desired temperature is the best way to actually reach that temperature.

Myth: Leaving your air conditioner running 24/7 is more efficient than turning it on and off when you’re not home

Fact: Although your air conditioner works most efficiently when it runs for longer periods of time, leaving it running for the whole day wastes energy and money. It is far more efficient to leave your air conditioning off when you’re not home and set a timer for it to run about 30 minutes before you get home. You’ll save money without sacrificing your comfort.

Myth: Leaving a fan on all day will cool the room

Fact: Fans don’t cool air, they circulate it. While a fan may feel good on your skin, it will not actually lower the temperature of the room, despite popular belief. Make sure to turn off any fans when not in the room to lower energy bills.

Myth: HVAC systems don’t need to be regularly checked

Fact: Without regular maintenance, your unit will work less efficiently and cost you more money. Scheduling regular service will help you discover problems before they start.

Myth: It doesn’t matter where you install your air conditioner

Fact: Your air conditioner will sense heat nearby it. If you place it in direct sunlight, it will sense the heat and run longer than it needs to. Make sure to place your unit in a dark or shady area that doesn’t get direct sunlight to increase efficiency. Also, make sure that trees and shrubs don’t block the unit’s air flow.


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