Are Thieves After Your Air Conditioner?
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Are Thieves After Your Air Conditioner?

Published by Steven Weiland

When you think of thieves, you likely think of them stealing things such as money, expensive jewelry and other valuable items. With years of experience, our Chicago furnace company has learned that thieves may also be after something a bit more unexpected:your air conditioner. But why? The demand for metals such as copper have increasingly risen over the past few years, so the inflated values make your air conditioner even more valuable than you think. Here are some measures you can take to ensure you aren’t left without an air conditioner this summer.

Lock It Up

First and foremost, make sure that your outdoor unit is covered with a special cage or fence so it’s much more difficult to steal. Even the sight of a gate or cage may deter thieves from trying to steal your unit, as it will be much more time-consuming and difficult to steal when it’s locked.

Lighting is Key

Keeping your air conditioning unit in a well-lit area is crucial to ensuring you aren’t a target. Thieves thrive in dark areas because they know it is much more difficult to get caught this way. Consider installing a light near your unit to ensure thieves aren’t tempted. To go along with this, also consider removing landscaping features like bushes or trees if it obstructs the view of your air conditioning unit.

Engrave Personal Information

Engraving your home address on your air conditioning unit in places like the copper tubing will deter thieves from stealing it. If necessary, hire someone to engrave your information; it could make a huge difference!

If you have questions about your air conditioning unit or anything else HVAC-related, contact our Chicago furnace company with any questions or concerns. Our professionals are happy to help!

Source: Angie’s List

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