The Difference Between Furnaces and Boilers
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The Difference Between Furnaces and Boilers

Published by Steven Weiland

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between boilers and furnaces in Chicago? They are both types of heating systems but work in drastically different ways. Knowing the difference between a furnace and a boiler will be helpful if you need a new heater or even when talking to a technician about heat issues.


Boilers generate warm air through heated water in a tank. There are no ducts needed to circulate warm air throughout the house. Instead, the heated water is circulated through the pipes to different locations in the house. These locations are typically baseboard heaters or radiators.

Boilers tend to produce cleaner heat and have lower repair and operating costs. The downside of boilers is that they take longer to warm the room and can freeze if the temperature gets too low. They also create higher humidity levels in your home, so you might have to invest in a humidifier.


Furnaces use forced air systems to generate warm air. These forced systems heat the air through a heat exchanger. The heated air is then circulated inside the house through the ducts. In an electric powered furnace, heating elements are present that create warm air, while fuel powered furnaces generate warm air by gas jets.

Furnaces have low installation costs and won’t freeze during the winter. Unfortunately, furnaces have a much shorter lifespan, require more frequent repairs and require the air filter to be replaced monthly.

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