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Study Up On Your Anatomy

Published by Steven Weiland

Your air conditioning anatomy! You don’t need to have extensive knowledge about your air conditioning system and all its parts, but it does help to know some elements if and when the time comes for a repair or replacement. The following list includes some of the most important parts of you air conditioner:

  • Your air conditioner would not work without the refrigerant. This substance transfers hot air inside your home and carries it outside.
  • The refrigerant is moved through the cooling system with the help of the compressor, located in the outdoor air unit. The compressor is a motor that makes the cooling process possible.
  • Also part of the unit outside is the condenser coil that releases heat to the outside air. This is the part that looks similar to the radiator of a car.
  • Opposite of the condenser coil is the evaporator coil. This piece is inside the home and evaporates the hot indoor air from the evaporated refrigerant.
  • There are two tubes that connect the outdoor and indoor units that allow the above elements to properly perform their duties. One tube transfers the liquid refrigerant inside, while the other transfers the evaporated refrigerant outside.
  • Of course, you would have no control over your air conditioning system without the thermostat. 

If you have any questions about your air conditioning system or would like to have it inspected before summer arrives, do not hesitate to call Heatmasters.


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