Staying Warm During Chicago Winters
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Staying Warm During Chicago Winters

Published by Steven Weiland

Chicago is known for its extremely cold temperatures in the winter months, so making sure your HVAC in Chicago is functioning correctly is important to the comfort of you and your family. You can rely on Heatmasters for furnace installation, boiler repair and more to stay warm this winter.

Keep Heat Inside

Dirty furnace filters and a lack of maintenance are two culprits that can lead you to lose out on heat. Filters are essential in protecting you and your furnace from dust, dirt and debris. Changing your filter is easy and affordable and will make sure your furnace will run strong for years to come. Annual maintenance is imperative to keep your furnace working hard and to make it last longer.

Clean Your HVAC

While this might sound crazy, making sure your HVAC is clean will keep your house warmer for longer. If dust builds up on coils or other parts of your HVAC system in Chicago, they won’t work at max efficiency. Make sure to take time to dust on a regular basis to see the benefits in your energy bill.

Consider Zoning

Instead of having your entire house or office set to one temperature, consider a zoning system. Zoning allows you to target specific areas of your home or office instead of using one size or temperature fits all approach. This is beneficial if there are areas that don’t respond well to your system or if there are areas you rarely go in.


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