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Spring Heating Check

Published by Steven Weiland

The heating season is – hopefully – behind us, so our attention is moving from turning up the heater to turning up the AC. However, just because you won’t be using your furnace for several months, you want to make sure it will turn on once you need it in the fall.

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Be observant. Any sights, smells or sounds that are out of the ordinary should be a signal that something is wrong with the system. It’s been a long winter, and all the hard work your heater has put in may have taken its toll. Take a look at the unit and inspect all elements to ensure everything is in working order.

Replace/repair. Any elements that are broken or damaged in your heating system should be repaired or replaced. There are a lot of working parts in the system, and even one minor problem can prevent it from working properly and efficiently.

Clean. Dirt, dust and other debris can clog the flow of air, making your system work harder to effectively heat your home. In addition, if you have a gas furnace, burners need to be clean; built up grime can prevent the burner from being able to light. Detach the burner before cleaning.

You may be ready to forget the furnace for the spring and summer, but think ahead so that when cold weather rolls around again, your heating system will be ready and able to keep you and your family comfortable.


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