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Replacing Your Air Filter

Published by Steven Weiland

If you aren’t already, you should be replacing your air filter at least once each season, if not every month. Air filters keep pollutants out of your HVAC system, keeping it in proper working condition and keeping the air in your home clean. When your system has a dirty or old filter, it works less efficiently, raising your energy bills.

Changing your air filter is pretty simple. Follow these four simple steps and your system will be in good shape for spring!

1. BUY A NEW FILTER. Check the owner’s manual for your system so you know the right filter size or number . If you ditched the manual when the system was installed, this information should also be printed on the existing air filter. Most hardware stores will carry the appropriate filter you need.

2. SHUT YOUR UNIT OFF. As a safety precaution, never do any work on your system without turning it off. If you aren’t sure how, refer to your user’s manual or turn the breaker off.

3. REMOVE THE EXISTING FILTER. Most air filters can be found on the right side of the HVAC unit. You should be able to slide it out easily. In the rare event that your air filter is located in your air vent, you will likely need the help of a professional to replace it.

4. INSERT NEW FILTER. Just as you slid the old filter out, the new filter should slip into place easily. The filter will have arrows to show you which side should go in first.

If at any point you need assistance, contact Heatmasters. We can help with any system maintenance you may need.



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