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At Heatmasters furnace repair in Chicago, we understand that furnace repair can be a little stressful. However, and as our customers will attest to, it doesn’t have to be. As one of the windy city’s most trusted and well-established HVAC companies, we’re honored to provide heater and furnace repair services Chicago can trust.

Heatmasters: #1 for Residential Furnace Repair in Chicago

Whether you’re looking for affordable residential Chicago furnace service, or concerned with soaring utility costs, we vow to do everything in our control to get in, get out, and get you back in your comfort zone.

  • Lightning-fast response times, to most parts of Chicago and Chicagoland
  • 24/7/365 Furnace repairs, late nights & holidays
  • Exceptionally-experienced professional furnace technicians
  • Over 62 years of experience, and close to 170,000 customers
  • We can help you lower your monthly heating bills
  • Leading-edge digital video furnace inspection technology
  • Call us for a second opinion on heat exchanger & compressors
  • EPA-Certified, RSES Certified, NATE Certified Technicians

Here in Chicago, and we love our furnaces. After all, they’re among the few things safeguarding us from the brutal cold, harsh winds, and completely unpredictable climate swings. If your furnace has been acting up, or if your heating bills are simply getting out of control, it might be time to evaluate your furnace. We can help you with our Chicago furnace repair services to get your heating back on track.


Don’t waste time guessing or dealing with inexperienced HVAC companies for Chicago furnace service. At Heatmasters, we’re proud to have an unblemished 60+ year track record of success, satisfaction, and compassion for our customers.

Call Heatmasters to schedule an appointment, ask a question, or learn more about getting the most from your residential furnace.

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