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Repair or Replace: Boiler Edition

Published by Steven Weiland

Even with proper maintenance, eventually a boiler’s service life will come to an end and require a unit replacement. However, there are several things to consider in order to determine whether the equipment needs replacement or a repair.

What is the age of the equipment? As boilers age, the cost of maintenance increases. Replacement costs generally exceed maintenance costs unless major damage occurs. Watch the trend in maintenance costs – if the costs remain relatively flat, the better option is to repair. Costs that consistently rise, as well as difficulty getting replacement parts, indicate replacement.

What is the equipment’s operating history? Identical boilers that operate in similar facilities probably have different operating histories, depending on set-up, operating practices and maintenance. It is important to review the unit’s history to determine if any findings suggest that replacement is a better option.

Is the equipment efficient? Newer boilers are becoming increasingly efficient compared to 10-year-old boilers. When evaluating your options, consider how much you would save by installing a new, energy-efficient unit.

What is the configuration of the equipment? Older installations of boilers and water heaters generally feature one or two larger units, which forced operators to cycle one boiler to match part-load operating conditions. New, centralized systems now use several smaller boilers, allowing operators to better match the capacity to the needs of the facility and improving operating efficiency. Review historical building loads to help decide whether a cost benefit exists in installing new modular boilers.

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