Purify Your Air - Keep Your Indoor Air Quality High
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Purify Your Air

Published by Steven Weiland

This year is reported to be one of the worst for allergies. From small daily tasks around your home to buying an air purifier, there are many ways you can keep the air inside your home as pure and clear from dust, mold, and other pollutants as possible.

The pollution inside your home comes from a combination of particulate matter, such as pet dander and dust, and gaseous pollutants, such as smoke and chemical fumes. This combination can make your indoor air significantly worse than the air outside since there is no way for the air to disperse. An air purifier can be helpful in eliminating some of these pollutants.

Air purifiers are self-explanatory; they purify the air, which is beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers in your home. However, pollutants are not just floating around in the air – they also stick to the carpet, furniture and other surfaces in your home that the air purifier won’t reach. For this reason, you should do the following in addition to using an air purifier to keep your indoor air quality (IAQ) high.

  • Carpets and rugs trap dander, dust and other debris. Opt for hardwood flooring that is easy to clean over wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Vacuum and dust regularly.
  • Have your family and any guests remove their shoes when entering your home so as not to drag dirt and allergens inside.
  • Do not allow people to smoke inside your home.
  • Do not use a fireplace.
  • Use an exhaust fan in the bathroom during a shower, and over your stove when cooking.

Minimize the amount of pollutants in your home this allergy season!


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