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Prevent Freezing Pipes

Published by Steven Weiland

With weather this chilly, pipes in your home can freeze, expand and possibly even break. Prevention is key in order to keep your home protected from damage.

If you haven’t already, complete this checklist to prevent the freezing of pipes and water supply lines:

  • Drain water from swimming pool/sprinkler supply lines – you should be able to find the proper way to do so in the manufacturer’s manual. Don’t put antifreeze on these lines unless instructed.
  • Remove and store hoses that are used outdoors. Close inside valves that supply the outdoor hose bibs, but keep the outside hose bibs open so all water can drain.
  • Look throughout your home for water supply lines in unheated areas and make sure both hot and cold water pipes are insulated.

On cold days, follow these prevention tips to avoid frozen pipes:

  • If there are pipes in the garage, keep doors closed.
  • Keep cabinet doors in the bathroom and kitchen open to allow warm air circulation through plumbing.
  • Running water keeps pipes from freezing. On extremely cold days, let cold water drip from faucets supplied by exposed lines.
  • Set your thermostat at the same temperature during the day and at night. By lowering the temperature at night, you increase the risk of bursting pipes.
  • If you are away from home when the weather is cold, keep the heat on at a temperature of at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you find that only a small amount of water comes out of the faucet when you turn it on, your pipes are likely frozen. Try the following to thaw:

  • Keep your faucet running to help melt the ice.
  • Apply heat to the frozen section of the pipe. You can either wrap an electric heating pad around the area, spray heat from a hair dryer or space heater, or wrap the line with towels soaked in hot water.
  • Call a licensed plumber if you cannot find the frozen area or are unable to thaw it.
  • If you find that one pipe is frozen, check all others too.

We hope you all have stayed warm this week!


Courtesy of American Red Cross


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