Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Summer
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Preparing Your Air Conditioner for Summer

Published by Steven Weiland

Summer in Chicago

Summer in Chicagoland can be brutal. Heatwaves will have you reaching to turn on the A/C in your home. The last thing you want on that first hot day of the year is for your air conditioning not to work. This happens all-too-often, as most people do not think to prepare for summer by checking to see that their air conditioning unit is in proper working order. This is the busy season for most HVAC companies, since so many air conditioners go unmaintained, then don’t work when people start them for the first time since the last summer. Follow these tips to make sure your air conditioner is working before summer even starts! (Make sure that while checking your A/C, that you have turned it off. You can usually turn off the circuit breaker)

Check for Dirty Filters

This is an easy fix. If your air conditioner’s filters are dirty, you will need to clean or replace them. Dirty filters block air flow and push dust through your home’s air. This is not only an important step for preparing for summer, though. This should be done about twice a year, but should be checked frequently to make sure they aren’t clogged.

Clean Condenser

The condenser of your central air conditioning unit will probably be found outside. Leaves, dirt, and debris can get caught in the condenser’s fan and coils. Vines and weeds may grow on your condenser—it will be important to get these off. Obstructions like these will clog the condenser and disrupt air flow and efficiency. Do this at the beginning of the season, but make sure to keep it clean throughout the summer as well.

Test It

See if these changes worked by turning your thermostat off and then turning it back on and switching it to “cool”. If you notice it working, you’re in the clear. If you are still having trouble, it may be time to get a comfort consultant over to your home to check for more technical problems.

Ask a Pro

If you are not comfortable or confident making these adjustments yourself, call a professional to do so. If you schedule a repair during the first hot day of the year, chances are prices will be higher since demand will be so high. You will also likely have to wait longer for a specialist to get to your home since they are servicing so many other homes. Scheduling maintenance ahead of time can mitigate the risk of paying too much or waiting too long for service. Be proactive, and call a professional to come and make sure everything is in proper condition before summer starts. To schedule an appointment with one of Heatmaster’s Comfort Consultants, click here.

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