Preparing Your HVAC for Fall
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Preparing your HVAC for Fall

Published by Steven Weiland

As the weather begins to change, there is more pressure on your HVAC system to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. During the summer months, air conditioning is one of the most important things, but as it starts to cool down, you want to make sure that your HVAC in Chicago is ready for the change.

Pre-Season HVAC Inspection

As unpredictable as weather can be in these transition months, you wouldn’t want to be caught trying to turn on your heat and only to have it not work properly. Schedule an inspection of your HVAC system in order to ensure it will function properly when you need it most. You should also clean your air filters during this inspection to improve your HVAC’s fuel efficiency and long-term operating cost.

Inspect for Leaks

There’s a good chance that your windows, doors and attic spaces are leaking air out of your home. Whether it’s air conditioning or heat, you don’t want your HVAC in Chicago to be working double time because your windows might be leaking. Inspect your windows and doors and fix any problem areas in which you believe are leaking. Plus, this will also lower your monthly energy bills.


Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are many tools you can use to control your temperature more efficiently. One of the best ways is to simply upgrade to a programmable thermostat. Owning a thermostat that can be programmed to turn on and off at a certain time will save you time and money. Some thermostats can even be controlled by your phone or computer so that if you forget to turn the system off or change the temperature before you leave your home, you can do it right from your phone.

At Heatmasters, we have trained technicians who can answer all of your questions about your HVAC in Chicago. Call us today to schedule an HVAC inspection before fall.


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