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New Year, New Furnace

Published by Steven Weiland

Chicago Winter

Chicago winter is far from over & with the advent of the new year, you’re probably looking for some change. Why not change your old furnace and ride out the rest of winter in warmth with a brand new furnace? Some furnaces can be repaired, but if your furnace is over 20 years old, repairs are going to start to add up, and it’d likely be more economical to buy new. Below are some of the benefits of a new furnace that you should consider when thinking about furnace installation.


Getting a new furnace can do wonders for your electricity bill. You’ll have to bite the bullet up front with the cost of the furnace, but the savings you’ll see in your heating bill will be well worth it. The more energy efficient your gas furnace, the lower your bill during the cold winter months.

Overall Evaluation

When your comfort consultant installs your new furnace, they will be able to take a look at the rest of your HVAC system as well and catch anything that might be wrong. When your contractor is there, ask them to glance over everything and do a quick checkup to see if there are any kinks. You may be able to diagnose a problem before it becomes hazardous or extremely expensive.

Home Comfort

Make your home the temperature you want year-round with a new heating system. Newer systems have zoning functions that can target cold spots in your house and make everywhere comfortable for you and your family. New furnaces have capabilities for optimizing comfort that old systems just can’t compete with. Your quality of life will change for the better!

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