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HVAC Maintenance – What to Expect

Published by Steven Weiland

The most important thing you can do to keep your heating and cooling system running smoothly is regular maintenance. It is wise to call a professional HVAC contractor to perform this maintenance, as you probably don’t know what all should be done.

When a technician arrives at your home, here’s what should happen:

Overall system inspection.

All elements of your system, including the furnace, Air conditioner, heat pump, and more, should be checked over to ensure they are running smoothly. If filters or other smaller parts need repair or replacement, this should be done as well.

Safety inspection.

The technician should look for any potential safety hazards or problems that could become dangerous. This includes cracks and rust – signs that your system is leaking carbon monoxide into the home. Make sure your carbon monoxide detector is also tested.

System cleaning.

You can clean certain parts of your system yourself, but the technician should take care of the parts you can’t.


If any damaged or failing elements are discovered, they should be repaired during this maintenance visit. Larger repairs may require a separate appointment.

Questions answered.

Make sure to ask your HVAC technician any questions you may have regarding how your system works and any preventative measures you can take before your next maintenance visit.


Before the technician leaves, you should be given a written report detailing what happened during the visit and any repairs that were made.

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