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HVAC Chicago Companies & Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality

Did you know your home’s indoor air quality can have an impact on your overall health? When you spend a lot of time indoors, it makes up a majority of the air that goes into your lungs regularly. If you’re breathing polluted air due to a lack of HVAC maintenance & cleaning, it has an effect on your health. For this reason, your indoor air quality and ventilation system should be a top priority. When the air quality in your home is bad, your family will experience an increase in allergy issues. Those in the family who suffer from asthma or other breathing issues may find it difficult to function while inside the home. Taking note of changes around the house, such as moisture build-up, high accumulations of dust and even musty odors or lingering smells, is an indicator you have an issue with the quality of the air in your home. To keep your health and the health of your family from being affected, it’s important to reach out for assistance from an HVAC contractor who can aid you in repairing your home’s issues. Luckily, HVAC Chicago companies like ours can improve your indoor air quality. Read below to find out how!

HVAC Maintenance & Cleaning

One of the best ways to improve indoor air quality is with regular HVAC maintenance & cleaning. The condition of your heating and cooling system greatly impacts the quality of the air that circulates through your home. If the filter is clogged with dust and debris, the air in your home is likely dirty. With regular HVAC maintenance & cleaning by an experienced contractor, you can eliminate these contaminants. These professionals remove the buildup inside your unit for better indoor air quality. This maintenance should be completed at least twice a year. However, if you have pets in the home, you may need it more often to remove pet hair and dander that can close the filters more quickly and dramatically lower your indoor air quality.

Ventilation System

Are you experiencing a buildup of moisture in your home? Do your windows appear to sweat? Do you often complain about your home feeling stuffy? If so, your ventilation system could be the problem. Blockage, gaps and holes in the air ducts can also result in reduced air quality. Dust and debris gets into the system through these openings, bypassing the filtration system. Moisture buildup can also occur, causing mold issues. Chicago HVAC systems are especially prone to moisture build up in the humid summer months. If you find yourself suffering from issues such as these, contacting an HVAC company to visit your home for an inspection is a must. They will help you get your ventilation system repaired and your home feeling as it should.

Natural Cleaners and Sprays

Most people don’t consider the makeup of the chemicals they use around their home for cleaning purposes. Whether you pull out your favorite brands daily to scrub down the entire house or simply use them once a week for cleaning day, you could be causing yourself and your family issues with the air quality of your home. The chemicals, once sprayed in the air, can have a direct effect on the air inside your home. This is why it’s a great idea to use natural cleaners and sprays in your home to avoid breathing in harsh chemicals that may cause damage to your lungs. Choose a Chicago HVAC company that uses natural and environmentally-friendly cleaners as well. Your HVAC provider should use products that are free of chlorine. Chlorine-free R-410A products can help indoor air quality as well as help reduce ozone emissions.

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