How To Stay Warm In The Winter | Tips for Keeping Warm and Cozy
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How to Stay Warm in the Icy, Freezing and Frigid Chicago Winter

Published by Steven Weiland

Chicago weather can be unpredictable, but you can always count on the winter having freezing temperatures, wind and making it difficult to want to be outside at all. Though there are some obvious tips to keeping warm, it is important to try to incorporate all of them into your daily winter routine to prevent getting sick and to keep yourself at a comfortable temperature. Heatmasters wants you to feel cozy in your home even if the temperature outside is below freezing. Contact one of our comfort specialists today to learn more about our services.

Tips for Keeping Warm and Cozy

To start with the obvious, layers, layers and more layers. Layers are key to staying warm, especially if you have to be outside. Whether you are shoveling snow or have a little bit of a walk to get to your office or class, wear an extra shirt, sweatshirt, two pairs of socks or long underwear. There is much winter apparel you can get that is slim enough to fit under work clothes and will not make you look big or bulky.

Eat warm foods, such as soup, spicy food, such as chili and incorporate healthy fats into your diet. Grab a warm coffee or hot tea on your way to work to warm up your hands. Though this can be a quick fix, soup at lunch on a cold winter day will make you feel extra warm and carrying a hot tea while walking to work can work as a double warmer for your hands if you are wearing gloves. Fast tips are helpful as well, especially if you only have a short distance to walk outside to work or class or to your car.

Hypothermia is more likely to begin in extremities, such as your hands and feet so keeping your toes and fingers warm is important. Even if you are outside for a small period of time a day, be sure to wear multiple layers or socks with insulated shoes, preferably boots, that will help prevent you from slipping on ice as well as keep your toes warm. Gloves are key to keeping your fingers warm, be sure to find a pair that are thick and have an inner layer that can help keep out snow and other precipitation.

Winter Safety Rules

Space heaters are an easy way to add extra heat to colder rooms, if your bedroom is too cold at night or your office space during the day, they are an easy add on. However, remember to keep it three feet away from anything flammable, such as clothes, bedding or rugs. Remember to turn off the space heater whenever you leave for an extended period of time.

Create an emergency car kit to make sure you are prepared in case you get in an accident or your car breaks down during the harsh weather. This kit can include blankets, extra layers, water bottles, a tool kit, first aid kit and more that can ensure you will be safe and can wait warmly for help to arrive on the scene.

Lastly, protecting your pipes are key to avoiding a costly, unexpected repair from them being frozen and bursting as a result. To do so, setting your thermostat at the same temperature day and night will help prevent this from happening and will keep your home at a comfortable temperature. It is important if you are going out of town or leaving your apartment at school for break that you do not leave the heat lower than 55 degrees.

Staying warm during the Chicago winter can be a challenge, but following these tips will help ensure you are always at a comfortable temperature even when the weather is freezing. Contact Heatmasters today if you want to make sure that your heating system is working properly for the winter so that your home is keeping you safe and warm.

Source: NBC Chicago

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